A core value in Valeo’s culture, operational excellence is applied every day in every department at all of our development and production sites around the world. Our aim is simple: to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their needs in terms of quality, cost and delivery. To do this, the Group applies a "5 Axes" methodology that is rigorously implemented by all of its employees.

The 5 axes

5 Axes Valeo
At Valeo, Total Quality is a state of mind. It concerns everyone, at every level, and at every moment.

Involvement of Personnel

Because everyone, whatever their position, plays a part in quality on a daily basis, Valeo puts employees at the heart of its operational excellence strategy. This involves recognizing their skills, enhancing them through training and giving people the resources they need to carry out their responsibilities. Employees are particularly encouraged to make suggestions for improvement and to participate actively in the functioning of their autonomous team.

the Valeo Production System

The quality of a product is closely linked to the organization at its production site. To improve productivity and product quality, Valeo has developed its own production system based on pull-flow organization, flexible production resources, the elimination of all non-productive operations, and stopping production at the first non-quality incident.

Constant Innovation

Well considered design upstream leads to effective production downstream. To develop its systems and products, Valeo has set up an organization based on project teams and the simultaneous engineering of products and processes. This reduces development times and allows Valeo to design high quality systems and products that are robust, easy to manufacture, and cost effective.

Supplier Integration

Thanks to Valeo’s partnerships with its suppliers, the Group benefits from their ability to innovate, and works with them to develop productivity plans and improve quality. Valeo works particularly closely with a limited number of suppliers, chosen from among the best in the world, with whom it maintains mutually beneficial long-term relations.

Total Quality

In order to meet customer expectations in terms of product and service quality, total quality is required throughout the Group and from its suppliers.

Recognition and awards for excellence

As in previous years, the innovation and quality of Valeo’s products and services were recognized in 2016 by our customers and partners around the world.
To find out more about the recognition and awards received by Valeo in the the 2016 Registration Document.

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