Located at the Anatolian side of Istanbul in the Centrum Business Center, Valeo Service Turkey serves the heavy duty and passenger car aftermarket with more than 50 distributors in Turkey.

With its wide range of products, Valeo Service Turkey is also responsible for distribution of the Valeo products to the Middle East aftermarket. 

Valeo products are being designed and produced in parallel with the vehicle, on which they will be used. Technological inventions and improvements are at the heart of Valeo’s development strategy. Valeo offers innovative solutions to its customers with its wide product portfolio and technologies. It aims to respond to its customers’ needs in the fastest way possible concerning the CO2 emission reduction, saving on energy consumption, increasing efficiency, driving comfort and safety issues. Valeo Group dedicates 5-6% of its annual turnover to R&D studies. Through the Repair, Maintenance, Crash, Driving Assistance, Passenger Car and Heavy Duty specialized offers and over 40.000 part numbers, Valeo Service provides a complete product, service, training and technical assistance package, which addresses each individual market. It serves 100% Valeorigin with homologous products.   

Valeo product portfolio consists of 10 main groups:
  • Transmissions: Clutch kits, flywheels, Kit 4P, pressure plate cover assembly, clutch disc and bearings, hydraulic bearings
  • Lighting: Main and dipped headlamps, signal stop lamps, light bulb range
  • Electronics: Light/ horn/ turn signal switch, relay, flasher, driving assistance
  • Security: Starter lock, tank cap and locks
  • Wiper Systems: Wiper blades, wiper motorsı 
  • Engine Cooling: Oil/ water/ turbo radiators, water pumps, fan systems, heat sensors, EGR valve and coolers
  • Electrical Systems: Alternators, starters and their components
  • Climate Control Systems: Cabin heating/ cooling modules, parts and cabin air filters
  • Ignition: Injectors, sensors and actuators, ignition coil and modules, ignition and spark plugs, fuel pumps
  • Braking: Brake discs, brake pads, shoe brake linings, hydraulic components 

Use of original equipment is of top importance for long-term driving satisfaction in accordance with safety, durability and quality.