Valeo is an independent industrial Group fully focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry, mainly for CO2 emissions reduction. Valeo ranks among the world's top automotive suppliers. 4 Business Groups (Powertrain Systems, Thermal Systems, Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems, and Visibility Systems) and a Valeo Service aftermarket activity offer customers innovative global solutions.

In Turkey, Valeo’s three Business Groups out of four are currently operating. Valeo has 4 production plants and 1 R&D Center in Bursa.
  • Powertrain Systems 
    • Transmission Systems; Manual Transmissions Clutches and Flywheel
    • Transmission Systems; Hydraulic Transmissions
    • Electrical Systems; Alternators
  • Thermal Systems 
    • Climate Control Systems; HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Visibility Systems
    • Wiper Systems; Arm & Blade, Motor & Linkage

Moreover, Valeo Service Activity is based in Istanbul and is responsible of distributing all Valeo products to Turkey and Middle East Aftermarket.

R&D Center Bursa

Valeo Bursa received the status of a certified R&D Center by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in June 2011.

At the Valeo R&D Center in Bursa, the following design and development activities are being carried on:
  • Pressure plate and cover assembly (PPCA), clutch disc, flywheel and hydraulic transmissions for tractor, heavy duty and passenger cars
  • Transmission systems for hybrid vehicles 
  • Original design modifications to meet customer requests and requirements


To realize innovative OEM projects with high added value and be an innovation leader in its area.

  • Sustainable development of the employees in line with Valeo vision and targets
  • Increase intellectual capital
  • Apply technology and innovation management systems
  • Achieve sustainability of information
  • Improve university-industry collaboration 

The Valeo R&D Center consists of the following departments.

R&D Center Projects Management Department

Projects Management is a department which is a part of the Valeo R&D Center. Project management at Valeo means to analyze the customer requests in a correct way, offer the right product portfolio, launch the selected product at the right time and in the right way and manage the project in a way that will continuously contribute to the customer satisfaction. 
The Valeo Project Management organization consists of team members who are specialized in their own areas of expertise (Quality, Process, Purchasing, Design) and project managers, who are mainly responsible of the coordination and management of the team members. The core project teams are also offered services by support units depending on their requirements.  

R&D Center Efficiency Management Department

As a company selling its products to the major OEMs worldwide, we have to identify, drive and deliver continuous improvement and efficiency enhancements. After the evaluation of the ideas and recommendations of all Valeo employees, the selected ones are being realized after necessary validations.

R&D Center Design Department:

The Design Department decides on the initial product in line with the customer requirements and defines necessary specifications during the whole project phase. The design activities are conducted according to the customer requests and vehicle information and are divided into two main groups: “Calculating” and “Modeling”.

Calculating : Main calculations for the product and sub component design are made. Different calculation methods are developed considering the interaction of the parts with each other and the functioning environment. The calculations are validated with help of programs like ANSYS for finite elements analysis.

Products, the design of which has been completed, can be modeled in 3D with Catia V5 and their technical images can be created in 2D. Tolerance analysis can be performed on computer.

R&D Center Prototype Department:

Prototype development team is the team which prepares all the model and prototype studies for the related project. The team enables the procurement of the subcomponents, which will be used to make the prototype, with collaboration of the other project team members and production and on-time delivery of the prototypes to the customer. The prototype development team also analyzes the prototypes coming from the vehicle test, delivers the results to the design department and decides on the further steps in context with these results.

R&D Center Measurement Department:

The measurement activities in the laboratories are carried out in line with the procedures created by the Valeo company itself. Our facility contains tensile testing machine, three-dimensional measuring machine, micro hardness control, profile projection, surface form scan, micro-structure preparation unit, stereo microscopes, spring load control and salt test units etc.

R&D Center Process Development and Improvement Department:

The key topics under the responsibilities of the process department are: New product process development, process improvement and cost reduction projects. The improvement and development projects are mainly conducted by engineers, who are specialized in press and press molding technology, heat treatment, machining and assembly areas. These development projects are carried out in accordance with the quality system requirements, lean manufacturing techniques and essential safety & ergonomics criteria. 
Examples for other processes that are managed are: Flow analysis and improvements on the production lines, ergonomics, model and simulation setups before the line establishments, safety, poke-yoke applications, micro-posture analysis, automation projects development, line compensation & one-piece flow lines and trial, proto manufacturing, full-day production run organizations in accordance with the new product & process development studies. Furthermore, technicians that use the Catia drawing program can create three-dimensional mold manufacturing and assembly drawings.

R&D Center Test Department:

The main activity of the test department is to evaluate the test demands coming from the different departments of the R&D Center according to the validation tests planning schedule and realize the validation tests. If necessary, the test department shall also prepare new test procedures and plan how to perform these tests. The preparation of the corresponding specifications during the new machine productions and performance of the tests according to the required standards are also among the responsibilities of this department.

Some important test equipment in the Valeo Bursa R&D Center are as follows:
Burst testing machine
Angular fatigue test machine
Axial fatigue test machine
Thermal test machine
Functional control machines

R&D Center Vehicle Testing and System Departmentı:

The vehicle testing and system department, which is located in Valeo's R&D center in Bursa has two main groups of activities: Identification of the product requirements at the beginning of product design process and confirmation of the characteristics, which have been defined during the product validation process, by measuring at vehicle conditions. At each of these stages, software and equipment, which are mostly developed by Valeo, are used.

R&D Center Coordination Department:

This department is mainly responsible for coordination the different departments in the R&D Center. Furthermore, it follows the patent research, analysis and monitoring of the application processes. 
The coordination department is also responsible for searching and publishing scientific publications, journals and information sources about the technologies that are concerned and studied in the R&D Center. In order to allow dissemination of knowledge and experience, several trainings are organized. 
R&D Center coordination department is also coordinating the project development meetings in terms of university-industry collaboration, as well as following the application process of the TÜBITAK projects, and representing the company in meetings related to innovation, R&D, creativeness and university-industry collaboration.

The activities of the coordination department for the R&D Center can be listed as follows:
  • To attend technical congresses, conferences and symposia
  • To participate in “Career day” events of the universities
  • To conduct industrial courses for university students
  • To create a study environment for Bachelor and Master thesis 
  • To develop cooperation with suppliers and OEMs
  • To implement a patent management policy